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A Promise of Truth


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About the book

ALL LOVE COMES HOME, by GENE FISCH,  is an historical novel about a family’s journey of the heart.
When I look back into our history, I wonder how we survived at all.  I am grateful to be the  beneficiary of my mother’s and father’s life values and thankful that I had a chance to live them out. Gratitude can make the seemingly impossible possible.  I hope readers will come away with the message of the book - that it is not the anguish, but rather the joy  of  human triumph that gives meaning to our lives. This book honors those of the greatest generation, ethnic Americans WWII mothers and fathers who, like my own, left behind the terror and devastation of the Second World War and brought their children to America, where we have been tremendously grateful for the safe haven this country provides, a safe haven where we left behind a tortured world so that our children, our grandchildren can comfortably live in peace, a brave heart, and look to the future, to have a future.


This volume (All Love Comes Home, first and second edition) will take you into the terrifying pre-war years in eastern Poland and the devastating years of the Soviet wartime occupation experienced by my family. I recreate in the novel, as best I can, my mother’s sense of unconditional love and my father’s steadfast reliance on his faith within the context of a largely overlooked part of World War II history, a history that belongs now to those souls who, as a result of the years of senseless aggression and slaughter, now lie in silent graves in central and eastern Europe. An estimated 22 million Catholics and Orthodox Christians lost their lives from 1939 to 1946. If my parents, Bronislawa and Andrew Fisch, could render a service to the world today, I feel certain it would be to stimulate in others the love of life they always felt, but also to help those others understand the full truth of Poland’s World War II ordeal and cherish the memory of the Slavic patriots who suffered in the fields of war and died with the footprint of suffering on their souls.


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PRAISE FOR All Love comes Home 

"A powerful cri de coeur, the author successfully endeavors to reconstruct the
exterminated world of his childhood through the recollections of his mother. Touching and shocking, it is a hauntingly sentimental journey into the depth of memory set to a fast paced and thrilling narrative where fact, fiction, and post-modernist devices conspire congruently to make one whole again."

Dr. Mark Chodakiewicz

Dean of World Institute of Politics, Washington D.C.

I finished your book last night. As I said earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed it but it was extremely painful at times. The hardship and devastation your parents endured is hard to believe. I can’t imagine what it would be liked to be squeezed between two of the greatest evils of the 20th century.

Your telling was incredibly well done and brought the senses of fear, heartache, courage, and joy alive for the reader. Your mother’s fearlessness and your father’s piety are memorable. It also brought what is happening in Ukraine into sharper focus and explains many of the outrages that are occurring. It is hard to tell Putin and Hitler apart, they are motivated by the same character flaws.

Hon. Jim Walsh

Syracuse, New York

The value of ALL LOVE COMES HOME is in the end a storyline of life that aims to conserve, most notably, life's higher ideals, extols the virtues of love over hatred in the struggle for a free mind and soul. We must never overlook that more than one billion Slavic Christians have not succumbed to 20th century’s greatest evil. The author’s ability in articulating the virtue-of-truth serves a great moral purpose. This family's journey values the truthfulness
of having a strong faith, of having a relentless pursuit of  higher ideals, and not compromising life's  principles that last a lifetime. The pages of the book describe in vivid detail the daily life and what happened to the mothers, fathers, and their grandmothers under a state's soulless religion.

Rev. Bill Jones
Syracuse, New York   

“As a Professor of Leadership, this storyline is a testament to the powerful qualities of life that integrity, passion, family, and internal beliefs can exert on the formation of one’s character, one’s career, and the remembrance of the existence to the whole mind, body, and soul. Gene Fisch’s story has great merit for a reading audience that can identify with the ethnicity anchored by social and political issues of yesterday with today’s political sensitivities, connivance, and mistruths.

A generation can benefit, be uplifted because Author Gene Fisch honestly speaks to the truth of the times.

Dr.Cash Kowalski

Professor of Educational Leadership School of Education
South Carolina State University