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World War II in Europe marks one of the most murderous episodes in human history. Poland was not only the front and center of an attack, annexation, and occupation, but it also faced an incarnated evil of two totalitarian regimes Nazi Germany and its Soviet Communist alliance.


WWII's horrors affected the whole world and enslaved central and Eastern Europe for two generations whose Slavic sense of history has been figuratively misrepresented and in the process dehumanized an entire Slavic population for two generations.

My two books take you on an incredible journey of courage and survival of my family’s experiences of five forced occupations during World War II. I hopes that my books will shed light on a largely ignored history and forever show gratitude to those who lie in silent graves in eastern and central Europe. Undeniably, they are the Slavic Mothers and Fathers who faced the greatest catastrophe in the history of mankind where an estimated 22 million Catholics/Orthodox Christians not only lost their lives, from 1939 to 1946, but also lost their country!

Exciting News
My second book has just been published - December 2022

To Have A Tomorrow
A True Story
by Gene Fisch

"Gene Fisch has given us a great gift with To Have Tomorrow. It will renew your faith in the power of determined people to survive and then thrive no matter how daunting the circumstances.  I know you will appreciate it."

Kevin Kane, Architect, Artist


To Have a Tomorrow

A True Story
by Gene Fisch

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To Have a Tomorrow, A True Story

by Gene Fisch for $29.95

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To Have Tomorrow  A True Story is the story of what my family and I experienced in one of the most terrifying and devastating of times—the period just before and during the cataclysm that was World War II, when my first home, Poland, and her people were caught between the aggression and atrocities of the Nazis in Germany and the cruelty and murderous Soviet Union’s occupations, deportations, relocations, deaths by starvation, freezing and mass executions, concealed from worldwide media during the first twenty-two months of the Second World War.


Most compelling about our survival, was not that a family of six survived intact five brutal occupations, even while one of three Polish Citizens were left behind in silent graves, it is how my parents kept us alive, during those terrible times—never betraying those values embedded in their souls, their faith, their love of country, love of family, and love of life—at a time in history that witnessed an all-out attempt at the destruction of thirty-five million Slavic citizens of Eastern Poland.


To Have A Tomorrow    A True Story narrative—told in the author’s voice—not only describes how his family of six was able to cheat death again and again, even in the most threatening of circumstances, but also how they—together and individually—made the greatest strides possible as penniless refugees in their new country, how their Polish-American community in Syracuse, New York, served as both foundation and springboard for their remarkable, multi-generational success as Americans.


This true, unvarnished tale of my family’s journey through Armageddon, its equally ugly aftermath, and our lives as displaced persons and refugees, was just as dramatic and poignant, and even more compelling in that it would be a completely true story.

If just staying alive was the ultimate triumph of the first part of the author’s life, the ultimate triumph of the second part—as uplifting and exciting as the first part was terrifying—was about navigating a very new environment, and doing so with enough determination and hard work to take steps—sometimes slow, sometimes giant—in a direct line toward full cultural integration into the family’s new country, the United States

To Have A Tomorrow, A True Story by Gene Fisch
Table of Contents


Chapter 1 New York

Chapter 2 Flames Over Poland

Chapter 3 The Forest Nature’s Culture Crowned Our Home

Chapter 4 Winter of The East

Chapter 5 The Nazis

Chapter 6 Vortex….. Leaving the Forest 

Chapter 7 Work Camp 1090, Brest Litowsk

Chapter 8 The Cattle-Car Community

Chapter 9 War’s Fiery Finish

Chapter 10 Reckenfeld, Germany; British zone 

Chapter 11 Polonia in Syracuse

Chapter 12 The Parochial League

Chapter 13 New York City, The Return


“A Fascinating Story”

David Lubliner, Literary and Film Agent, United Talent Agency

Book Cover.jpg

A Promise of Truth

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All Love Comes Home, A Promise of Truth

by Gene Fisch for $39.95

+ $5.00 shipping and handling

ALL LOVE COMES HOME, A PROMISE OF TRUTH by GENE FISCH, is an historical novel about a family’s journey of the heart.

This storyline will take you into the terrifying pre-war years in eastern Poland and the devastating years of the Soviet wartime occupation experienced by my family. I recreate in the novel, as best I can, my mother’s sense of unconditional love and my father’s steadfast reliance on his faith within the context of a largely overlooked part of World War II history, a history that belongs now to those souls who, as a result of the years of senseless aggression and slaughter, now lie in silent graves in central and eastern Europe. An estimated 22 million Catholics and Orthodox Christians lost their lives from 1939 to 1946. If my parents, Bronislawa and Andrew Fisch, could render a service to the world today, I feel certain it would be to stimulate in others the love of life they always felt, but also to help those others understand the full truth of Poland’s World War II ordeal and cherish the memory of the Slavic patriots who suffered in the fields of war and died with the footprint of suffering on their souls.

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