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St. Patrick's playoff game at The War Memorial in 1959

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Gene Fisch

Gene Fisch once had his professional career described by a reporter as a “rags-to- riches” story. A Polish immigrant, arriving in the United States as a child after surviving, with his family, the worst of the World War II horrors, Gene went on to apply the best of the old-world traditions of discipline, integrity and sacrifice to excel, first in athletics, then in government and academia, and finally in the business world. He graduated with
distinction from New York University with a BS in economics and an M.B.A, having also excelled as a record scorer on the NYU freshman basketball team and
becoming a starting point guard on the nationally-ranked NYU team.

His professional career was multi-faceted. In the academic world, he was a lead lecturer on effective management at the University of Wisconsin, Madison; NYU; Syracuse University;  L S U. New Orleans University. As an entrepreneur in the private sector, he
was CEO and chairman of his own company. In his formal corporate career, he was an executive with such Fortune 500 corporations as Conalco, Allusiusse/Phelps Dodge, (senior vice president for marketing, group vice president, and Co-COO); American Can Company (director of planning and control); and Oneida Ltd. (director of European marketing). In the public sector, he was the first consumer affairs director for the City of
Syracuse and served in an advisory capacity for President Richard Nixon’s campaign. 


He pioneered in 1996, a forward visionary TELEMEDICINE system of care at the point of
care primarily serving federal, state, and local prison systems. He designed, developed, and electronically consolidated integrated hospital functions, healthcare delivery services, clinical management at the point of care. Joint ventured with Hughes Corporation's state of the art satellite/ground based digitized fiber optic dedicated network systems, communications technology applications enabling voice, video, text, audio be transmitted in real time at point of care.

1963-64 NYU team -  Number one in the country, beat Syracuse Dave Bing Jim Boeheim, NIT; and NYU team produced seven NBA, ABA Players
Front Row: Rich Dyer,Rich Brown,Barry Kramer,Gene Fisch,Carlton Rooks ,Stan McKenzie
Back Row: Coach Lou Rossinni, Tom Boose, Happy Hairston, Bob Patton, Steve Jordan, Clem Galliard, Ray Bennett, Team Manager, Ass't Coach Art Loche

Gene Fisch - Madison Square Garden Decem

Madison Square Garden. 
Bill Cunningham, Gene Fisch

North Carolina game


Fisch congratulated by Joe Lamanna 

 Italian Scholar -athlete award