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AUTHOR's Passion
FOR writing THE STORY 

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All Love Comes Home
A Promise of Truth

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Circled is the author, as a child, in the Ruckenfeld DP camp.

My purpose in writing is to recount, through my and that of my parents and siblings, those human traits that give meaning to human life. I was born in eastern Poland in the most unlikely of circumstances—my mother give birth to me in a field at the edge of a forest, bit off the umbilical cord, and spent the next four years trying to keep me alive despite all the odds against my survival. I brushed death on so many occasions during my childhood. I asks myself now
why those things happened to me and why am I so lucky to be alive. I, forever gratefully acknowledge to be an American of Polish Descent. I wish now to inspire younger generations to learn about their history—our ethnic ancestry, and is my situation, my Slavic, Catholic
heritage—and I wish to give expression to the rich historic ethnic voice in America..

My two books, All Love Comes Home A Promise of Truth and To Have A Tomorrow. A True Story, deserve a broad understanding of where we’ve come, and what we’ve become, most notably on how our formative years were shaped and enhanced the educational value for our younger generation to appreciate the sacrifice of their parents and grandparents for giving each of us a life worthy of belief forever destined to seek truth in our lives.

As the author, Gene Fisch, I would like to acknowledge that the primary focus of the above storyline titles is: (1) to
share the power of a Polish mother's unconditional love and a father's faith that this may serve as an eternally courageous spirit of human dignity while constantly facing a terminal future of living between fear and death, while facing insidious betrayal of higher ideals, as may be reflected in current times, but needs to be rediscovered in present times the love of family, love of country, love of God, love of truth; (2) to identify with our heritage, our history, which, in my author’s world, originates with the
Polish/Slavic/Christian community because that’s where WWII started and truth comes into being; (3) eternal wish is to reveal historic truths, restore integrity to the Slavic/Catholic/Christian Eastern European history, most meaningfully, to elevate the authentic Christian character with an all-encompassing significant spiritual meaning.

My books' storyline is based on the heroic deeds and horrific experiences of one Polish family, symbolic
of millions, forgotten and overlooked Slavic families and, of whom were in the center between German militarism and the godless Soviet Bolshevik expansionism leading up to 1939. Over 60 million Christians were mass murdered, in a so-called “Peacetime” (1918-1939), which continued through two decades of absolute horror to WWII, where good, decent, Polish, Slavic people with a soul were enslaved, betrayed and massacred by a soulless evil…Nazism and Communism!

The Fisch family humanly triumphed during the incarnation of pure evil of Nazism/Soviet Communism with passion for life, love, to have a future, determination and never-compromising higher ideals of love of country, family, God.

Gene Fisch

To Have a Tomorrow
A True Story
Gene Fisch - Madison Square Garden Decem
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